Poland is a perfect place for organizing business trips, conferences and congresses because it is a country of many possibilities.

Wide choice of hotels, restaurants, transport companies, and tourist attractions guarantees success of a business trip, congress or conference.

We adapt a program to expectations and requirements of clients, basing on our own experience.

From many years we are organizing motivative and integration events for workers and clients from many businesses around the world. For you company we will organize VIP program and survival journey.

Thanks to the cooperation with many hotels in whole country, we will find the best one for you to organize a conference or congress. We will take care for ensuring of additional attractions.

Our service is:

  • Finding of accomodation,
  • Booking restaurant
  • Ensuring transport
  • Preparing different attractions
  • Care of tour leaders and guides
  • Preparing place for a conference or congress
  • Showing Polish hospitality, tradition and culture

Every region of Poland is an ideal place to organize a business trip, congress or conference. We will present you many options thanks to which you will have more possibilities of choice.

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