If you are planning your trip with friends, family, life partner or just alone we will help you to organize such trip or holiday.

We will elaborate a plan of your stay according to the needs. We will adapt it to you and other associates in such way so that you will not need to waste your time on relocating, and you will have it for sightseeing of Poland. We will advise you where to look for hotels so that you will have all of the most important places close at hand. Tell us what you need and we will try to realize it taking into consideration your budget. You will find out where to go with kids, organize romantic supper or meet interesting people.  

We will help you in organizing stay in Poland through:

  • Finding of accommodation beginning with camping, agricultural household, and finishing with hotels and SPA resorts  
  • Organizing of 2 or 4-wheel transport, also in the air and on water,
  • Finding of places where you can eat food, according to your own taste,
  • Booking of tickets for national and international events,
  • Hiring of guides,
  • Selecting attractions, according to you expectations,
  • Ensuring of evening attractions,
  • Discovering of the most and at least popular places in Poland,
  • Giving opportunity to be closer to the nature or in places pulsating with life,

Poland is a country which you are looking for because it is ideal for your holiday or adventure of your life. But you have to be careful because Poland is addictive and you will be back here and you will transfer this love on your family and friends J You will find here many attractions for kids, teenagers and adults.

In Poland you will spend unique moments and maybe you will experience an adventure of your life. We recommend to be careful because you can become addicted, fell in love and then only come back here and wait for the next trip.

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